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    DesignProVideo Illustrator CS4 101 Core Illustrator CS4* Illustrator CS4 101
    * Core Illustrator CS4
    * by Kelly Murdock
    * Learn to create vector art with seasoned technical author and 3D artist Kelly Murdock.
    Illustrator is the application you use to make objects for Photoshop
    and Flash. As a vector-based drawing application, Illustrator is a
    powerful tool for creating graphical objects, but it can be a bit
    confusing at the beginning - especially if you’ve never created vector
    graphics before.
    In this 5-hour tutorial by seasoned technical author Kelly Murdock,
    you’ll learn valuable tricks for working with vector art. Skills
    demonstrated in this Illustrator CS4 tutorial include how to use
    Illustrator’s tools to draw objects and edit vector paths, grouping and
    organizing objects on layers, and working with Type to create text
    along paths and shapes. You’ll also learn important tips for
    anti-aliasing vector graphics, working with color and gradients, and
    transforming objects to make intricate works of art.
    This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don’t need to watch every
    video. Use the detailed menu structure and keyword search function to
    quickly find topics of interest. For a full list of this Illustrator
    tutorials topics, see the Table of Contents below.

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