Creating an interior scene (Part 1)

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    Thông báo Creating an interior scene (Part 1)

    Bài gửi by UntilU on Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:08 pm

    InPart 1: Modeling

    n this tutorial I would like to show you how to make an interior scene using 3dsmax 6 and rendering with Vray .
    Certainly you can use other version of 3dsmax and Vray but it's
    possible that you will not get the same result as it's showed. Tutorial
    is very detailed
    so beginners should not be worried that they will not manage with this.
    But it's usefull to know basic tools and interface in 3dsmax.
    In the final part you can download scene file.
    Have fun in 3d world ...

    Part 1: Modeling

    Step 1: Create a plane with dimensions 5 meters on 8 meters. And
    segments 8 on 5 . Convert to editable poly and extrude the right polygons. The
    ceiling is about 2,65 meters high.

    Creating edge > Quick Slice
    Extrudnig >Extrude
    Connecting vertexes together > Collapse

    Remember to use right reasonable scale of scene.
    In this scene 1 Unit = 1 Centimeter

    Step 2: Create a frame of a window . First place box with window
    hole width. Segments about 3 / 4 .
    Move vertexes to make a section of frame. Copy this boxes and connect by moving
    edges. Remember to Collapse vertexes ! On the left picture you can see two
    methods to connect boxes.

    Step 3: Apply Mesh Smooth modifer to the window frame . Set type:
    Classic, Iterations : 2 and
    Strenght: 0,2 . To smooth wire properly , create an additional edges ( in the
    picture ) .

    Step 4: Copy frames to second window and to balcony doors. In the
    last , move vertexes to fit dimensions to the door. And create handles from
    small box. And apply Mesh Smooth . Don't forget window sills. ( pl: parapety

    Step 5: Creating railing is very easy but time-consuming and
    boring. Made it using boxes with small Mesh Smooth ( strenght : 0,04 ) Than
    Attach them. Add Mesh Smooth only to main upper and lower railings . (
    pol. porêcze i balustrady )

    Step 6: Let's make some furniture. A simple bookshelf made of boxes
    and shelves ( 105 x 210 x 60 ).

    Step 7: Than, make similar cabinet with hidden shelfes on the bottom and
    table with glass table top. Dimensiond are in picture.

    Step 8: Now. We will make a chair. Create four identical legs.
    Extrude the upper polygons and connect them to create a chair basis. To make
    bent backrest , extrude polys , select them and apply Bend modifer. ( Polys must
    be all time selected ) with Angle : 10 - 20 . After that. Right click on Bend
    modifer and use Collapse All . You have bent back rest but it's not connected
    properly with a rest of chair. You must rotate polygons in right direction to
    level with base.
    Cushion is made of simple box with 4x4x4 segments and Mesh Smooth.

    Step 9: Making courtains. Make two a little simillar
    Point Curves NURBS . Move one to the top of the window , second to the bottom of
    the window. Attach them and use Blend Tool to connect shapes.
    Also create a courtain rail.

    Our scene should look like that.

    Instead of the frill you can make cornice .

    Step 10: Create a radiator using 6 boxes with small Mesh Smooth .
    To make 6 boxes with the same distance use Array tool.

    Step 11: Create a heap of magazines and newspapers. Just make a box
    , convert to Editable Poly and move vertexes on corners a little down. Click on
    the picture to see the model.

    Step 12: In last step we will add some live to our scene -
    houseplant. First create shape of leaf using LINE ( create>shapes>splines>line
    ) Create a shape like on the screen saver. In INTERPOLATION set 16 steps. Next
    apply Extrude Modificator with amount 0,2 and 2 segments.

    Next add Bend Modifer and use amount what you want.
    Collapse all modifiers and convert to Editable Poly.
    Move the pivot point to the base of leaf which will be in the center of the
    Set the name of this leaf (e.g. leaf01 :)
    Than hold the Shift Button and rotate the leaf several times. Rescale some
    leaves to make plant more natural.

    Step 13: Creating a flowerpot.
    Create a section of the flower pot using Line . After that apply Lathe
    modifier and click on Align MAX. Check Weld Core and set segments on 48 or
    Than convert to Editable Poly.

    End of
    Part 1

    End of Part 1: Modeling

    Main models are finished. In next Part we will be also
    creating models but only for decoration . Such as books, vase and others.

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