Creating an interior scene (Part 2)

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    Thông báo Creating an interior scene (Part 2)

    Bài gửi by UntilU on Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:09 pm

    In this Part of the tutorial we will add some decor elements, and objects. It's
    very casual .
    You can make everything what you want. Walls color , lamp, books depends of your
    But materials and textures will be showed only for objects I showed below.
    Part 2: Compositing

    Step 1: Create a lamp . Use 3 boxes and thin cylinders for strings.
    Dimensions are on the picture.

    Step 2: Making the bowl . First create a box with 10x10x1 segments.
    Set different Smoothing Groups for different groups of polygons. It's
    important to get sharp corners. Than Move vertexes using Soft Selection. Apply
    Mesh Smooth with 2 iterations and check Surface Parameters > Smoothing
    Groups. Bowl ( I really don't know how to call it in English :) ) should look
    like on the picture.

    Step 3: Create a photo frames and frame on the wall. Don't
    forget about Smoothing Groups in the photo frames ! Frame on the wall is a
    simple box with moved vertexes. To the center polygon ( in this will be photo or
    painting ) set ID 2 , to the rest of polys set ID 1. It's important because we
    will use Multi Sub object to this object.

    Step 4: Tablecloth is made of box with extruded polygons on the
    edges and folds.

    Step 5: Add some books on the shelves and some boxes. And don't forget to insert a window panes ( boxes ).

    End of Part2: Composition

    I think the composition is finished. You can always add some your objects or
    make different.End of Part 2

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